Toudai - the pride of Ordos women


The Minddress for Ordos Ladies, Generally ReferRed-colored to as "toudai" (literally, Mind Put on), is the Option Item of Mongolian ornaments as Nicely as the pride of the Ordos Persons.

Toudai Consists of 6 Elements: Frizzy hair hoop, Back again Give protection to, earmuff, pendant, horseFrizzy hair and eardrops.

Hair hoop, the circle on Best of the Mind on the BestFacet of the MindPut on, varies in Dimension with the Mind. It is Generally as Broad as 3 or 4 fingers, Created of Dark cloth lining or Red-colored brass; there are eight
to 10 Rectangular hoops Close to it. In the hoops there are bulging lotus patterns and inlaid Vibrant Red-colored corals, Specifically the 1 on the foreMind is Biggest and Vibrantest. There is a turquoise Following to Each and every hoop,
and all the other Room is decorated with tiny corals. Above and Under the Frizzy hair hoop are Established 1 to 3 lines of coral beads.

Back Give protection to, the Component of the MindPut on Displaying the neck and the shoulders, can rEach and every the waist, and is Created of a thick Dark cloth liner.

Earmuffs are nailed on Each Facets of the Frizzy hair hoop, to Display the ears and the gap on Each Facets of the Back again Give protection to. They are hanging on Each Facets and also Created of cloth lining.

Pendants refer to the ornaments hanging on Each Facets of the cheeks, which are in bilateral symmetry. The pendants can be classified into two Varieties. The 1 is ReferRed-colored to as Diaogua (hanging ornament), Established by
5 pendants. The way of stringing Each and every pendant is the Similar: from the Best to the bottom, there is a Large coral, a silver bundle, a Large coral, a rectangular turquoise, a Large coral, a silver bundle, a bid
coral, and Eventually a Taonalejie (an Sort of Mongolian ornament).

HorseFrizzy hair is the Component of the MindPut on cMore thaning the foreMind. One more ornament is the silver bell. In spite of as Large as a bean, it is an Stylish, 4-Borders or 6-Borders Item, with carved patterns on Each and every Facet.
It is resplendent with all Colours, and Applied by Youthful Ladies only. If a Female is More than 40, she will not Put on it.

The eardrops are Applied Rather of the earring, and there is 1 on Each and every Facet of the Encounter. It is Created of pure silver, as thick as a finger, and as heavy as 1 Jin (Roughly 0.5 kilogram).

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