The Shaping Structure - The Totem

The tiger Picture Developed by folk Designers is not the Organic Picture of a tiger at a Particular time and Location; it is a surActual conceptual tiger, a totem that Safeguards the Neighborhood. For Instance, the chubby, Brief-legged "Loving tiger" is meant to Retain an Vision on the Youngsters and PerType with them. The tiger in "A tiger coming Right down the mountain" Displaying a fierce-Searching tiger with his 4 Ft at Entire Period is for safeguarding the residence. They are not tigers in a Organic Type.

In the Earlier 1980s, China Nationwide Good Skill Institute invited 6 elder Ladies from northern Shaanxi and eastern Gansu to demonstrate Cardstock-Slicing in School. When they Initial arrived, I Desired to Display them Close to Beijing.

They Desired to go to Beijing Zoo and see a Actual tiger, A thing they Experienced By no means Observed even Right after Slicing Cardstock tigers for a lifetime. They rushed to the tiger mountain and gazed at the Actual tigers With out a blink of an Vision.

At Evening, they stayed up all Evening Attempting to make a Cardstock-Reduce tigers in Diverse postures from what they saw. Yet, Getting By no means learnt sketche, they didn't do As Nicely Nicely, as, Right after all, Individuals are two Totally different art Groups.

Folk paper-cut "a1 tiger” (loving tiger) (Ansai. Shaanxi).

Paper-cut "A snake twinning round a rabbit" (Ansai. Shaanxi).

Cardstock-Reduce "A snake twining Circular a rabbit;" and "A coiling snake" is also patron totem Pictures, not Organic snake postures. The Picture of a coiling snake with its Mind and tail crossed implies the Network of heaven and eSkillh. Holding a mugwort in the mouth also Exhibits that it is a legendary snake. The rabbit in the Center Indicates that the Kids are bred and protected by the clan. The Initial "coiling snake" Picture was Witnessed on painted pottery plate uneSkillhed from Xiangfen Taosi Xia-Dynasty Social relics in Shanxi; then on the bronze ware from the Zhou Dynasty. This totem Mark has been passed Comfortably from Technology to Technology for More than 5000 Many years.

Via the transformation of a totem frog, to a frog with a Individual Confront, then to Individualized fairy "Newborn with coiled Head of hair," we can see the Growth in the shaping of this Skill Picture. There are two Kinds of "Newborn with coiled Head of hair" in northern Shaanxi. The patron fairy totem who wears double coils, which Occasionally are decorated with two roosters (indicating the Sunshine and the moon); in a standing posture with Each arms stretching upward, or holding two roosters in her Arms, or 1 rooster (the Sunshine) and 1 rabbit (the moon).

If she lies on her Abdomen, it is the "crawling baby" on pillow Circumstance. The outline of this fairy with coiled Head of hair is transformed from a totem frog, the Initial maternal ancestor of Chinese language Niu Wa in Old historical fairy tale who Produced clay figures and stSkilled the Chinese language nationality. The 2nd Sort is the "Delighted baby" who is also in a standing posture, Putting on lotus flower in her Head of hair, with Each Arms drooping by her sides, squatting on her heels as if Providing Delivery. On her Ft is a pair of fish. The "Happy baby" is an Skill Picture of the proliferation fairy. Analysis Exhibits that in primitive Community, Providing Delivery was in a squatting Placement.

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