The Sani Women's Huabaotou


The Sani is a branch of the Yi ethnic minority. Huabaotou (colored turban) of the Sani Ladies is Even now an Critical Component of girls' habiliment now, just like the legendary Ahshima (a goddess of Adore in the Country Broad myth).

Huabaotou is Commonly Produced by ingenious girls On their own. It is about 3 meters Extended and about 0.17 meter Broad. A Item of Dark cloth is Employed as the Bottom, and on it are embroidered Countless colored stripes. The workGuyship of the colored stripes Signifies the wisdom and Expertise of the girls, and is also a criterion for a Youthful Guy in his Selection of his Partner.

Therefore, Huabaotou is Quite beautifully Produced. Anytime they have a Content Occasion or go out, girls will Place on their Brand name-new ornaments. Placing on Huabaotou is time-consuming and Requires 7 or eight Actions. It is regarded as a Mark of Independence and happiness by the Nearby Individuals.

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