The long headcloth of Achang people: arrow aiming at the sun


Influenced by the neighboring Dai and Han People today, Guys in Achang ethnic minority Have a tendency to Put on blue, Whitened or Dark jackets which Key Right down the Entrance, and Dark trousers. The unmarried like to Put on Whitened
coif, However the married People today like to Put on deep blue coif. Youthful adults Favor to Put on 40 to 50 cm Prolonged headcloth At the rear of their heads pinned with 1 or two flowers. A Guy Heading out with an Achang knife is
handsome and Potent.

Married woGuys Often Put on skirts and jackets with tight sleeves and pailform skirts that Accomplish the knees. They decorate the elbow of jackets with inlaid strip of Whitened cloth and wrap their heads with Dark
or blue cloth. Bachelorettes Put on trousers and coil their pigtails with 3-cm-Broad cloth on Best of their heads. Achang woGuys like to insert flowers on their headcloth, and Often Put on 3 to 4 silver
chaplets and a Prolonged silver chain Close to their necks, and wind a silver chain Close to their waists, with silver adornGuysts on their heads, Close to their wrists and on their ears.

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