The drooping charm of Mongolian women - lianchui


Mongolian Females Generally use a branched wooden stick as their headwear. The branched Finish is wrapped with cotton into a knot, and then is sewn up with a Item of cloth. When a Lady Will get married, she will undo her
pigtail and separate her Locks in halves from the Center, with Every 50 % plaited into Various Little tails. PRibbonsd the tails on A single Part More than this wooden knot evenly, use a Leather-based Ribbons to fasten them Below the knot,
and then the Locks and wooden stick are Repaired Jointly. Then, she will insert it firmly into a cA single-shaped Locks cMore than, with a ribbon hanging Under. At the knotted Component, a semicircular ornament Have to be
cMore thaned, with a Key Repairing it on the knot from At the rear of (inPart). The Complete Mixture is Referred to as Lianchui.

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