The Chic Headwear of the Tu Ethnic Minority


The Tu ethnic minority, Largely distributed in the east of Qinghai Province and some CompA singlents of Gansu Province of China, is a minority with a Prolonged historic standing. At Initial, they Had been engaged in animal
husbandry, and After Started to Acquire agriculture. Farming on mountainous farmland has Turn out to be a Common character of the Economic climate of the Tu ethnic minority.

Chic and Artistic Headwear

The Tu Ladies lay Tension on headwear, and the Style varies a Whole lot from Location to Location. Their Conventional Designs Consist of the so-Referred to as "Tuhunniuda" (a Circular-cake-shaped A single), Normally Referred to as "Ganliangtou"
(Head of hairstyle of cake), the "Narenjiudai", also Referred to as "3-branched Head of hair" and the "Jiasiniuda", For example.

Now, This kind of Conventional headwear has been reLocationd by a Easy Style: girls Normally plait their Head of hair into 3 pigtails; married Ladies, two pigtails, Linked at the Finish and accompanied by some corals,
tophi, For example. Then, brocade felt hat is Place on it, Searching Pretty Sensible.

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