Su Shan

Su Shan, which means "fan" in Suzhou, includes silk fans, folding fans and sandalwood fans. They are beautifully made and also called "Elegant Fans".

Silk Buffs are also Known as Circular Fans. They are Good and Stylish with paintings, calligraphy or embroidery on the Buffs, all of which are One of a kind. On the handles of the Buffs, there are colored drawings or patterns. The Buffs are Produced of plain bamboo, princes bamboo, ivory, or hawksbill, which is reGoodd and not vulgar.

Folding Buffs can collapse. The Buff's bones can be round, Rectangular, pointed, bamboo and so on. The Methods of Buff Producing are also varied and depend on the Buff maker.

Scholars in Suzhou are fond of drawing and inscribing poems on the silk fans and folding fans. Paintings on the fans are an Art Perform. They are vivid peonies or landscapes about poetic subjects. As a result, the Brand of Stylish Lover Games the Fact.

 Sandalwood fans are 1 Type of folding fan, but the b1s of the fans are Produced of sandalwood, which Started in China. The patterns can Differ, This kind of as "Pulling Flowers", "Pyrograph", "Drawing", which are its Distinct Capabilities. Pulling Flowers is to Take the thread to Type bare flowers. For Instance, the Perform of "the Goddess Provides out the Flowers", which has Much more than 15,000 eyelets, is exquisitely carved and Good. Pyrograph is to draw with a stylus on the sandalwood With out any draft. Drawing is to use a brush pen on the silk. The sandalwood fans Produced in Suzhou are Chosen by Individuals The two Within and Outdoors of China.

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