Put on a little Uygur flower hat

Multi-Coloringed Hat is CompA singlent of the Uygur ethnic minority's habiliMalest, and also A single of the symbols of the minority. As Earlier as the Tang Dynasty (618-907), most males of the Western Regions wore a pointed-topped
felt hat with a turnup Borders, Very Comparable to the Existing-Day time "Sipianwa". By the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), owing to the Effect of Arabian and Middle Asian Heritage, Males of the Uygur ethnic minority Experienced
begun to shave their heads and Put on Little embroidered Hats. In the Commencing Time period of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Coloringful Hat of the minority Created Additional in Materials and Layout. Leather-based was
Applied in winter and damask silk in Summer time, with fowl feather inserted at the Top. All Hats for female Had been decorated with purl embroidery.

Via the Continuous innovation by the Uygur Persons of all Areas, the Coloringful Hat has Grow to be Progressively delicate in Functionmanship and progressively A variety of in Models. But the chief Sorts are "Qiyiman" and
"Badanmu", Commonly Known as "Gaba" (4-sided tiny Coloringful Hat).

"Qinyiman" Hat is flowery in Coloring, and its needle Function is Good and smooth. It is embroidered with chromatic threads Created of silver and gold, and Arranged with some Little Plastic material beads of A variety of Colorings. Boys
and girls Put oning them dance and sing Below the sExperiencedy grape trellis.


"Badanmu" was derived from Badanxing (prunus amygdalus), which is a tree originating from Persia, characterized by its Capability to blossom and bear fruit even in an arid desert. In accordance to the character of
prunus amygdalus and its meniscoid Major, the Extremely imaginative Uygur use Whitened silk thread, and the Method of Mixture of curve, Directly, dots and lines, to embroider a pattern of apricots crowded
Close to by ripples and beads, symbolizing that trickling springs are nourishing fruitful trees. This kind of a Straightforward and Stylish "Badanmu" Multi-colored Hat is Specifically favored by Center-aged and Outdated Persons.

There are Countless Methods to embroider the Multi-colored Hat: silk thread plane embroidering, cross-shaped embroidering, silk thread knot embroidering, bead string embroidering, lattice embroidering, gOutdated and silver
embroidering, crochet embroidering, enlaced cloth with Gentle nap embroidering and integrated embroidering Mixed with brede, enlacing, cluster and entwining. Uygur Girls 1st embroider chromatic patterns
on the 4 pieces of Hat Include, then sew them Jointly, Repairing the lining on it and Placing it on the wooden mOutdated, and As a final point Include the Dark velveteen margin. So, the dainty Tiny Multi-colored Hat has Appear

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