Pumi ethnic group: jacket is the usual apparel

Youthful Ladies all Put on Brief jackets, which are Largely BSuitable, Dark, and Red-colored, buttoned on the Suitable, narrow-sleeved and Substantial-collaRed-colored. Grownup Ladies Put on Even more shawls and aprons with plaited laces. In some
Places, Ladies Put on Near-fitting plaited skirts reaching the insteps. WoAdult males Put on Quite Lengthy waistbands, Equally ends of which are embroideRed-colored with patterns of flowers. When Searching for a Partner, waistbands Frequently
serve as Retainsakes. Grownup Ladies Adore to Put on wigs that Typically Produced of the tail Tresses of yak and decorated with purple and blue threads or beads on the Tressesline. They Put on earbobs, silver earrings, and
necklaces stringed with corals, agates and beads.

Youthful Adult males of the Pumi ethnic minority Put on Brief jackets with silver buttons on the Suitable Part, and loose trousers Frequently in Dark. More than the jackets, they Occasionally Put on Lengthy gowns with waistbands. They
Put on linen leggings. Grownup Adult males Retain Lengthy Tresses, and also coil wigs Close to the Mind with silk threads. Some Adult males shave their Mind bald, only leaving a Little bunch of Tresses arranged into a plate on the Best of
the Mind. Older Adult males and Ladies don't Put on adornAdult malests or wigs.

Pumi Kids, no Issue girls or boys, all Put on Prolonged linen gowns butt1d on the Best suited with silver buttons on the Training collar, and cloth waistbands woven with Many patterns and thread fringes on The two ends.
Girls Retain Prolonged Locks and arrange it into plaits decorated with Red-colored and Eco-friendly beads. They Put on a cloth Hat in the Form of a Hamster's Mind with two erect ears and Occasionally decorated with a pair of roe teeth or
5 silver Bodhisattvas. Boys' Top Locks is arranged into 3 plaits, 1 A lot more than that of girls.

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