Preparatory Stage-Killing Bulls


Worshipping Actions will Start on the propitious Day time that the sorcerer decides Centered on divining. TypiPhoney it is 1 CalFinishar month or so Soon after killing bulls.

1st, HouseMaintains will Collect Jointly at the Head’s House, Getting with them bull heads and other sacrifices. There will be a deadman Positioned in Top of the Head's Home, serving as a Short-term sacrificial
altar. Persons will then Wait around for the propitious Instant to Appear. In accordance to legFinishs of Miao Ethnic Minority, the spirits of the ancestors Reside Within the wooden drum. For that reason, Prior to the ceremony, some1
will be assigned to Consider Treatment of the drum so as not to disturb the ancestors.

When the propitious time Ultimately Appears, the sorcerer and Head will Maintain a solemn ceremony in Top of bull heads, extolling the kindness and benevolence of the ancestors and praying that they will bestow
Security, Great harvests and prosperity.

After the ceremony, HouseMaintains will Consider turns to Provide sacrifices to the ancestors. The Head will Phone the roll. After Getting Phoneed, a Family members will go Via a Sequence of Methods in Top of the drum,
Which include laying out sacrifices, Foods, wine and Garments, burning Cardstock m1y, and Ultimately, by beating the drum, asking the ancestors to Appreciate the Introduced. The Whole ceremony will not Appear to an Finish Till
all HouseMaintains have Completed worshipping. Afterwards, people will dance Jointly surrounding the drum, Appreciateing On their own to the utmost.

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