Preparatory Stage-Killing Bulls


On the morning of Destroying bulls, the sorcerer will preside at the ceremony of worshipping the ancestors and Dynamics. Then incenses and Cardstock Income will be Burn uped, as a prayer that the ancestors and Dynamics will
bestow prosperity, Wellbeing and Security.

Right afterwards, Lu-Sheng (a reed-pipe wind Device) will be Performed and firecrackers be exploded. It is the Head who will slay his bull Earliest. It is Viewed as auspicious to Destroy a bull with only A single Minimize.
Bulls for the ceremony Will need to be brawny and sturdy. Only Those people appraised by butchers as Competent can be Destroyed for worshipping the ancestors. Flawed bulls can not. Right after a bull is Destroyed, the sorcerer will
Immediate its spirit to the ancestors by praying for it, so that it won’t haunt the Family members in the Long term. Later on the Seller will Set its Mind in The front of the bullpen, with 3 strands of grass in its mouth, and
then Burn up incenses along with Cardstock Income. This is to Display the bull is Nevertheless alive and to acknowledge its industrious Perform Yr after Yr. Right afterwards, the beef will be consumed by the Seller's relations, the
Mind Employed as the sacrifice for the ancestors, and the cowhide kept for Producing a new drum.

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