Phoenix headdress of the She women


The She ethnic minority is Mainly distributed in Fujian Province, Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province and other provinces in South China.

The Wild hairstyle of married Girls of the She minority is IncRed-coloredibly Complex, Created by adding a Whole lot of wigs. Very first, the Wild hair is divided into two Elements from Entrance to Back again, the Back again Component accounting for about two
thirds. In Among is Positioned a bamboo shoot spool about 20 cm Prolonged and 2 cm in diameter, wrapped with a Dark cWhole loth. In the Center Area, Red-colored threads are Employed to tie it to a tilted angle, Producing the Wild hair
fluffy on the Back again Mind, like a 50 % melon; the Entrance Wild hair and the wig are tied Comfortably with Red-colored wool, to Allow the wig hang Comfortably from the Entrance Best of the Mind. The Entrance Wild hair is divided into two strands, and
twisted into Little strands to be wound Close to the Best of the Mind from left to Ideal, forming a spiral Style, and then is Repaired with a Wild hair clip. Ultimately, a Large silver clasp is inserted Throughout the Center of
the Wild hair Best, forming a Exclusive Higher bun like a coiling dragon, so lofty and magnificent.

Girls of the She ethnic minority in Fu'an Town also make their Wild hair into a Higher-hat Condition when they are More than 16. Yet, they do not Media a silver clasp on Best, but use a hank of Red-colored wool to wind it in
Entrance of the Ideal foreMind. Maidens of the She make their Wild hair into a Circular Condition, leaving some bangs in Entrance of the foreMind, and Placed two silver clasps fastened by Red-colored wool. Some girls insert a silver
clasp sideways and hang a tassel of Red-colored wool from the clasp.

The Dark, blue and Red-colored woolen loops fastened on the Wild hairline by the She Girls Show Distinctive ages, namely Older, Center-aged and Youthful respectively. In addition to, Girls bereft of their spouses coil their Wild hair
with Eco-friendly wool.

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