Mianhua - The Art Created with Flour


Mianhua is Art work Established with flour. Fermented flour is kneaded into A variety of Forms This kind of as Creatures, gourds, fruits and flowers, and then steamed and As a final point coloured.

In Mizhi County of Shaanxi Province, I was fascinated as an Aged Lady kneaded the flour. She Reduce a Little Item of dough and rubbed it Many Instances. Initial she Produced a Entire body of a Small rodent. Then she rubbed a Little
Item of dough into Brief noodles, pressed them flat, pasted them on the Back again of the Small rodent and Produced the wing of the Small rodent with a comb. Finally she Produced the beak. She Experienced kneaded a singing skylark.

It was even Extra Fascinating to see her knead a monkey. She kneaded the flour into a monkey with a hat Incredibly Swiftly. Finally, she Place two Dark Items of millet on the Mind of the monkey for the Eye balls. I
calculated the time she took to make the dough sculptures: 4 Mins for the skylark and 6 Mins for the monkey.

When Inquired the origin of mianhua, she Do not know. She Stated that it was handed Decrease from Technology to Technology. Investigation says mianhua was Associated to the Customizeds of funeral and sacrificial rites. 3
1, 000 Many years ago in the Shang Dynasty, slaves Have been buried aReside with their Lifeless masters. Wooden and pottery figurines Have been buried with the Lifeless masters Rather. These days, when SpFinishing respects Throughout the
festival for the Lifeless, the Qingming Festival, Individuals in northern Shaanxi Province Nevertheless Retain the Old Customizeds of watering the graveyard and Providing mianhua as sacrifices to ancestors.

Nowadays mianhua is Employed as a Reward. In the Household of a Particular person who just Obtained married, we saw mianhua which Have been sent by his Relations as a congratulatory Reward, Every weighing two kilogrammes. The mianhua with a
Image of dragons and phoenixes was Referred to as Prolonged feng cheng xiang (dragons and phoenixes Display prosperity.). The mianhua in the Form of a chain of locks expresses the Wish that the newly married Few will
Reside to an Aged age happily. Eighteen pairs of mianhua sent by eighteen Relations Have been arranged Jointly just like an Art work Show of mianhua.

In accordance to a Nearby Customized, when returning to her Mother and father' Household, a married Lady Should Carry 50 percent a basket of mianhua with her. The ring-Formd mianhua Introduced to her Mother and father and other elders expresses the
Desire that the elders Have to have a Prolonged Lifestyle as the ring goes Circular Without having the Finish. The mianhua are decorated with a bat and a sika deer as a Mark for the Wish that the Few can spFinish their remaining
Many years in happiness Since the Term for bat and happiness are homophonic in China. The Term for sika deer and Check is also homophonic.

Mianhua Formd like a rabbit and tiger are Offered to Youngsters, to Display the Desire that a boy Have to be as Powerful as tiger and a Woman as Beautiful and clever as a Bright rabbit. Mianhua in the Form of Small rodents is Employed
to Display that Youngsters will be Beneficial at singing and dancing like Small rodents.

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