Maonan people: clothes is viewed as one's soul


The Maonan minority Party is Situated in the mountainous PRibbonss of Guanxi Zhuang Autonomous Location. It is a Conventional agricultural Party. Each and every Loved 1s Utilized to have a weaving Device and plant blue grass for
to dye and make coarse Clothing This kind of as Several Styles of coats and Gowns. Maonan girls Understand to spin and weave when they are Youthful. Their Capabilities are measuRed-colored by the Superior and Volume of the Clothing
they make.

The Maonan costume varies In accordance to gender, age, Period, Objective and Interpersonal Position. The overcoat is Named Gu Le Ban in Maonan dialect, the Girls's Gown is Named Gu Le Bie, the Youthful Put on Gu Le Zuo,
Kids Put on Gu Le Jie and the elderly Put on Gu Le Lao. According to the Period and Objective, winter Clothing are Named Gu Nian Xiang and Summer time Clothing are Named Gu Nian Tu. When Folks Check out their Close friends
and Family members, they Put on Gu Bai Ban, when they go to Perform, they Put on Gu Fei Gong. They all like blue and Dark Clothing which they dye By themselves. They seldom have Clothing in Bright or yellow except People for
mourning. Yet, they do not Put on mourning Clothing to Check out Other people, or the hosts May well Really feel unhappy or even be offended. They Spend Specific Treatment to their underPut on, which they regard as their Spirit. Women are
not to reveal their bosoms and breasts.

Women's Clothing are characterized by the 3 rows of Dark Ribbons. Most of Clothing are Dark and blue with silver decorations and flowers, which are adorable. The girls like to Put on Little Gowns with
Stunning embroidery. The Girls like to embroidery Footwear, which are Normally kept in suitcases. Only when they Check out Family members do they Put on these exquisite Footwear. At Property, they Put on Dark Footwear. They Generally
Put on grass Footwear to Stroll Prolonged distances. Silver decorations are Imperative for Maonan Girls. Apart from earrings, there are silver hairpins, silver chaplets, silver combs and so on.

Guys's Clothing are Comparable to the Girls's, but do not have Ribbons. Rather, they have 5 copper buttons. So they are Named Gu Eni in Maonan dialect, which Indicates "5 buttons on the Clothing". When they Gown
up, they wrap Dark headbands Close to their heads. On 1 Part, there is a fringe which wobbles when they Stroll. They also Put on a waistband, which has a cloth fringe in Red-colored, Eco-friendly, yellow, blue and Bright Colours
at the two ends.

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