Main Activities


When it is approaching the festival, Every single Loved ones will Clean Clothing and curtains and hang up them in the Entire village, and it symbolizes the floating Bright clouds and expresses the neatness and innocence. In
the festival, Adult males and woAdult males, Outdated and Youthful, all Collect in Chabai Area to Reveal the Canine meat stockpot, 5-colored sticky rice and two Specifically-defined Meals and Consume Named "Injustice Dumpling" and "Spirit-
purging Drinking water.", and Provide joss sticks. On this Day time, the villagers of the Cha Loved ones clan will invite Mo'gong and Duan'gong (two Individuals who are proficient in witchcraft) to preside the sacrifice, and the
Center aged and elderly Men and women sit Below the Chabai Tree singing for Chang Lang and Bai Mei and Provide sacrifice to the Few, so as to pass Reducing their Account. At the Exact time, the Youthful boys and girls in
Wealthy Garments will go to the historical Web pages This kind of as Chabai Bridge, Chabai River, Pinewood Slope, Chabai Cave and Chabai Nicely to blow leaf (Executing Audio by bloEarng the Abandons), throw Multi-colored bags (a
Unique Action of make Close friends of the opposite Sexual intercourse) and "langshao" (also Named ganbiao, an Action of Producing new Close friends or expressing Adore By way of singing). In the evening, Every single farmhouse is crowded with
Family and Close friends, and they will Consume and sing Immediately. Right up until June 23rd, the Youthful boys and girls Swap tokens and then Abandon unwillingly.

The Leading Applications of the festival is singing, which is Carried out in the Music field in the Day timetime and in the househOutdateds' courtyards in the evening, and the host will Provide "Multi-colored rice" (5 colored
sticky rice) and "tea and Consumes"(Truly it is rice Earne, it is Buyi Men and women's Custom made to welcome Family and friends with Earne).Seeing Family and Close friends is also an Crucial Action in the festival, so does Consuming
stockpot. The Custom made of Consuming stockpot is Stated to be derived from the Account that the Men and women stew the tiger shot by Cha Lang. After on it was Alter to stew beef with tiger-bone, but now they are substituted
with pork and Canine meat.

Chabai Song Festival is not only a memorial Day time, but also a Unique Possibility of Youthful Men and women's amorism and Deciding on spouses. In the festival, the Youthfulster are not only all dolled up, but also Hold tokens of
Adore with them, as they are expecting to Earn a faithful Adore like that Among Cha Lang and Bai Mei. The Youthful fellows and girls make antiphonal singing in the Chabai Area. Antiphonal singing is also Named
"4, 6 and eight sentences", most of which are Adore Musics, and it has a Rigid Regular of the rhyme. The Solutions are Needed to Consider the Final sentence of Music Written text sung by the questioner as the
Commencing Written text of the Music sung by the answerer, and all rhymes in subsequent sentences Must Stick to the Original rhyme in the Initial sentence.

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