Leisure clothes of the Shui ethnic group


Adult men of the Shui ethnic minority For the most part Put on casual Clothing with cloth buttons AProlonged the Entrance. They Commonly Put on blue or Eco-friendly Clothing, a Dark or blue turbans and pailform pants. On the other hand, These days, Very a Several men Put on SunLumination Yat-sen Uniform (a Army uniform-like Attire with a closed Training collar).

Youthful Females like to Put on a Lumination blue, Eco-friendly or gray gown reaching the knees, Dark trousers, a Prolonged embroidered apron More than the chest and a silver neckRibbons Close to the neck. They Usually wrap the Mind with a Item of BBest suited cloth. Married Females Commonly Ribbons the cuffs, shoulders, the Entrance Items and trouser legs. Women arrange their Curly hair into a bunch, coil it Close to the Best of the Mind and insert a comb from the Best suited. In some Locations, Females Adore to wrap the Mind with cloth of Multi-colored lattices. Women's embroidered Footwear are also Multi-colored.

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