Chabai Music Festival is derived from the folktale of Cha Lang and Bai Mei. It is Stated that Extended Extended ago, in the sloping Area Identifyd Tiger Field aExtended the Nanpanjiang River, lived a Youthful Guy Identifyd Cha Lang
who was born in a hunter Loved ones and a maiden Identifyd Bai Mei in the Bai Loved ones. They Performed Jointly from childhood, and they Had been Consistently Jointly and as Near as a Sibling and sister. When they grew up, a
roGuyce was Created In between them and Ultimately they Introduced tokens of Guarantee to engage On their own to Each and every other privately.

Nonetheless a Cashbags took a fancy to the Youthful and Quite Bai Mei and he Allow matchmaker to Set forward a Relationship Suggestion to the Bai Loved ones, and of Program Bai Mei refused it steadily. But the Cashbags Do
not give up, and he sent somebody to Post a Information that he would marry Bai Mei on June 28th regardless of her View. Facing the Compelled Relationship, Cha Lang and Bai Mei Created a Choice that they would get
married Prior to June 28th. The Cash bags Believed of a venomous Plan Soon after he Observed of this Facts: when Cha Lang and Bai Mei Had been Undertaking farm Perform, the Cashbags Purchaseed his Loved ones servant to shoot Cha
Lang with an arrow and then promptly brought Bai Mei to his Loved ones by force.

Upon returning House, Cha Lang consulted with his Siblings and Determined that Cha Lang would go to the Cashbags' to attract them to Battle with him, meanwhile his Siblings Carry Benefit of the vacancy to Take
Away Bai Mei. In this way Bai Mei was rescued, but Cha Lang was arrested by the Cashbags For the reason that of his arrow Damage, and he was chained to a tall sugar pear tree and Wiped out cruelly. Understanding of this Item of
Information, Bai Mei Almost ate her Center out, she Compensated a farewell Telephone call to her Mother and father and returned the Cashbags' Big courtyard in the dusk and Established fire to a woodheap. The fire burned Far more and Far more furiously, and
the Cashbags and his Loved ones servants Attempted to catch Bai Mei. Seeing the Complete courtyard Almost Started to be ashes, Bai Mei jumped into the fire and committed Committing suicide for Adore.

In Purchase to commemorate this Few that defied the brute force and devoted Lifestyles to Adore, the Men and women of Later on generations Altered the Identify of the sloping Area In which Cha Lang and Bai Mei lived to "Chabai
Field", and Specified June 21st (on which Evening the Few died for Adore) as the "Chabai Music Festival".

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