Lahu ethnic group: dark complexion preferred


The Lahu ethnic minority LifeDesigns Mostly in Yunnan Province, South China. In the Pretty Earlier Period of time, they lived a nomadic LifeDesign. Followingwards on, they ImpleGuysted the exuberant grassland southward, and settled in the
drainage Place of the Lancang River in the south. Their habiliGuyst reflects the nomadic Customs of the minority at the Previously Point, and also Exhibits their farming Design in Contemporary Occasions.

Getting Dark as the Leading Colour

The Lahu Folks like black color. Hence, in most of their Clothing, they use black cloth as the lining, Include Completely different patterns with coloRed-colored thread or coloRed-colored cloth, and then Fit the pure Light robe on it,
Creating the General Colours Glimpse The two profound and vivid in contrast, letting us Really feel a boundless Elegance.

Ladies Retain "Hunmao" (Locks of the Spirit)

In the Previous, The two Lahu males and females liked sObtaining their Minds bald, but unmarried Lady Do not do so. Following Relationship, the Lady would keep a lock of hair on the Best of her Mind, ReferRed-colored to as "Hunmao" (hair of
the soul), so as to Differentiate herself from a Guy. These days, most Youthful Lahu girls have begun to keep Prolonged hair or plait their hair, but Those people Residing in remote mountainous Places Nonetheless keep the tradition of
Obtaining their hair shaved. In their View, sObtaining the Mind bald is Thoroughly clean, At ease, and a Indicate of feminine Elegance.

The Choice to Put on Silver OrnaGuysts

Both genders like Putting on silver necklaces, earrings and bracelets; Furthermore, woGuys May possibly wear a Large silver plate in The front of the Breasts.

Knapsack as a Token of Adore

In festivals or on occasions of dressing-up, The two Guys and woGuys like Putting on a rectangular knapsack. The knapsack is Created of a homeCreated blue cloth or woven with Red-colored-Light coloRed-colored thread, and is decorated with
a shell or a coloRed-colored pompon on it. When Youthful Folks Tumble in love, the knapsack Come to be a token of love, As well, in Includeition to the embroideRed-colored Sack and the waistband.

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