Kirgiz costumes: garments of a romantic nomadic tribe

Kirgiz Ladies Mainly like Red-colored and Commonly Put on Brief Clothing, Occasionally A single-Item Gowns. The shirts are loose with stand-up collars. The Clothing are Very simple, but Produced of dainty and Higher Top quality cloth.
There are silver buttons on the neck. The Gowns are Produced into cylinders with the Best bound at the waist and the bottom lined with furs. The Belowgarments have Big collars that can be Witnessed Below the
Broad collars of the waistcoats. And there are Nevertheless Dark overcoats with Big collars that are lined with wool in the winter.

Kirgiz Ladies Put on Red-colored velour Circular Hats, A single of which is Named Tae Xi, with muffles on the Best. Other A single is Named Ailiqike and is inlaid with adornments and embroidery. When Put oning these Hats, they also
Put on bonnets Within. Kaerpake, which is preferRed-colored in the winter, is Produced of feathers with a fringe on Best. The Hat is Produced of cloth Even though the two sides of the Hat have plackets, and the Best is Commonly
Bright. The Final two Sorts of Hats are Outdated and seldom Donned anymore. The Ladies's headPut on is Intricate. Initial, they braid pigtails with embroideRed-colored Items of Clothing. Then, Circular silver pennies are tied to the
bottom of the pigtails. Lastly, Each two tails are tied Jointly with bead chains. The Ladies like to Apparel up and Put on jade bracelets and rings.

Kirgiz Males Favor embroideRed-colored Brief Outfits with stand-up collars, embroideRed-colored necklines, tight wristbands and silver buttons. The undergarMalests are For the most Component Light with embroidery. The waistcoats, which are
also Named Jiajia, are Comparable to the woMales's but in Dark, grey or blue. When they go out, they Typically Put on overcoats With no collars Named TuokeqiekeGuy, Even though some Put on fur coats Named Yiqieke.

The Males do not have beards and Curly hair. If a Guy is an only Boy, he can Retain 4 Little Circular or semicircle Locations of Curly hair in the Top, Back again, Best suited and left Component of his Mind Till he is 10 Many years Older.
Afterwards, he Should shave it all Away.

The Males's caps are Produced of Red-colored cloth, in Add-on to other Colours. The tops of the caps have a velour fringe decorated with beads. In the winter, fur caps are FavorRed-colored.

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