Kinds of Costumes


There are Numerous Styles of Tibetan costumes, which are Created from all Numerous Sorts of Resources. The gown with Lengthy sleeves and Broad waist is Normally Created from fur, cloth, and silk brocade. There are some other Styles of costumes, This kind of as a sleeveless jacket, an apron, a waistband and Tibetan boots of all sorts of Colours and Models.

The Kangba Adult men Glimpse Pretty manly and spirited when they Put on the Tibetan gown, which reaches Affordable to their knees with a silk waistband. The Kangba woAdult men Normally Put on a skirt extending to their Ft with a colored silk waistband. The Tibetans Usually tuck up their Most suitable sleeve for Comfort, Although herders Usually bind the sleeves Close to the waist, exposing their Eye-catching Substantial-Training collar silk shirts.

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