Jino people: rainbow garment for women, sun-moon pattern for men

Jino Girls Commonly Put on collarless jackets buttoned Decrease the The front, with the upper sleeves Produced of Dark or Bright cloth Even though the Decrease Component of cloth in 7 Colours This kind of as Red-colored, blue, yellow and Bright.
In addition to, they Put on Brief skirts hemmed with Red-colored Ribbons. A Item of foursquare Bright cloth with Each and every Part of 3 inches Broad is sewn to the Back again of the coat and the cloth is embroideRed-colored with a Circular moon
pattern. InPart the coat there is bellyband-like corsetry decorated with Brilliant-coloRed-colored stripes and embroideRed-colored with Many different patterns. Most Girls Put on Dark Brief skirts hemmed with Red-colored Ribbons, and wrap
their calves with Dark cloth. Women arrange their Head of hair bun At the rear of the Mind Prior to Relationship and on the foreMind Following Relationship. They also Put on a pointed Hat with its Back again rEach and everying the shoulders like a

Jino Males Normally Put on a Whitened, colorless, Brief jacket buttA singled Comfortably the Entrance, and Whitened or blue trousers Created of flax or cotton. The Back again of their jacket is embroidered with patterns of the moon. In the
Previous, Males Applied to divide their Frizzy hair into 3 tufts. The A single in the Center was Stated to commemorate the Marquis Wu Even though the Sleep two are in Memory space of their Moms and dads.

Each Males and woMales of the Jino ethnic minority go barefoot, and have thick bamboo or wooden sticks plugged into the holes in their earlobes. All those with the Biggest holes in their earlobes Had been Deemed
the most Lovely. Right after the liberation, the Exercise of Maintaining 3 tufts of Frizzy hair and penetrating earlobes Had been no Extended prevalent. These days, Males like to wrap their Mind with a Item of Dark cloth
measuring Extra than 30 cm Broad and 3 m Extended.

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