Headdress of the Miao ethnic group: symbol of women's life


The Miao nationality Typically Reside in the border Places of the provinces of southwest China. They have their Personal Vocabulary. In the Places of the Miao nationality, they Consider farming as the Primary and hunting as
supplementary. Their cross-stitch Perform, embroidery, brocade, batik, Cardstock-Minimize, hand-Produced ornaments and so on are Planet Well-known for their Stylish Methods. The Mindwear of the Miao nationality is all Produced of
silver, with A number of Types.

Their Mindwear Consists of silver horn, silver Admirer, silver Hat, silver kerchief, silver fluttering Mindwear, silver hairpin, silver pin, silver Mind flower, silver netPerform chain, silver comb, silver ear-ring,
silver bonnet ornament and so on.

Beautiful Headwear

 Silver Horn

 Silver Cap

 Silver Kerchief

 Silver Clasp

 Silver Pin

 Silver Network Chain

 Silver Comb

 Silver Ear-rings

 Silver Bonnet Ornaments

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