"Golden head" of the Manchurian women

Manchu Head of hairstyle and headwear are Distinct, Specifically Manchu females' headwear. It is Stylish and magnificent, Organic and graceful.

Prior to a Manchu Lady grows up, she wears a Individual pigtail hanging At the rear of; at the Finish of the pigtail is wound with a Red-colored cord, the Top Head of hair is Reduce into a bang, and Usually a bead Produced of gold or silver or
Jewellery is fastened on the Suggestion of the pigtail, which is swinging with the wind, to Display a Impression of Natural beauty.


Manchu married Females Should arrange their Curly hair into a bun, with a silver BianEnthusiastg (an ornamental stick) thrust in it, Named "Gaoliangtou" (sorghum-Formd Curly hairstyle). The most Common A single is the "Liangbatou": tying the Curly hair on the Best of the Mind, plaiting it into a Form of swallowtail, letting the Extended Curly hair hang on the Back again neck, and Placing a Enthusiast-Formd Curly hair corA singlet on it. This Curly hairstyle is Named "Qitou" (Curly hair of the Manchu nobility) or "Jingtou" (Curly hair of the Cash).

Manchu Females like Clean flowers, and Generally Place a Yahuazan (flower-pressing Lockspin) or Zhuhuazan (flower-bead Lockspin) Produced of gold, silver or emerald, in their Locks. Manchu Females have Constantly valued Locksstyle and Mindwear, and By no means Achieved foot binding, Therefore renowned for "golden Mind and heavenly Ft".

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