Gorgeous Yi costumes, pretty Yi girls

There are Numerous branches of the Yi minority Set, so the costumes in Completely different Spots Differ. The costumes are Exceptional and Entire of Eye-catching Points. The Females Commonly Put on embroidered Clothing, the necklines
of which have silver flowers. They like to wrap their heads and Put on ear-rings. Most Yi Females in Yunnan Put on trousers, except the Types who Reside in Xiao Liang Mountain who Commonly Put on skirts. Some trousers
have exquisite Ribbons at the bottom. The Clothing of the married Females have Eye-catching Ribbons on the cuff and necklines, Specifically the embroidery on the waist, which is glossy.

The maids in the Middle and south of Yunnan Typically Put on vivid cockscomb hats with Red-colored tassels and beads. People that Reside in mountainous Locations Employed to Put on sheepskins, which looked like capes and Have been
plaited of wool and Have been Often Dim Dark. The girls Prior to the age of 15 Many years Put on skirts of Red-colored and Bright and have ponytails. At the age of 15, they have a ceremony Referred to as Sha La Luo, which Suggests
Altering the skirts and Put oning two plaits. It is the Warning that the girls have Turn into mature. Right after 15 Many years Older, the girls Put on a Extended Apparel, which is Dark in the Center and Begin Put oning shiny earrings.
Boys Put on Dark Outfits and Maintain their Locks about 3 inches Extended. They Typically Put on beards For the reason that they Believe it Appears Great. They also like to Put on yellow or Red-colored beads strung with Red-colored string on their

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