Fur costumes of the Oroqen ethnic group


The Oroqen People today Applied to Reside on hunting. The Prolonged Background of hunting Existence influenced the DevelopGuyst of their Different Gowning Society.

Outfits of the Oroqens, Which include hats, Footwear and socks, are Created of animal Skin tones, of which the roe deer Skin tone Requires an Significant Location. The clothing for Summer time, autumn and spring are Created of Skin tones of roe
deer captured in Summer time, which is characterized by sparseness and shortness of its fur. The Skin tone of the winter roe is Created into winter Gown. The leggings, which are Donned by Guys and woGuys, are Created of two or
3 Types of Skin tones. Some leggings have laces on them and are fastened at the waist with a Leather-based rope. It can Shield the trousers when they are hunting or Slicing firewood. The Leather-based trousers are Created
of Skin tones of roe deer captured in autumn or winter.

Fur Outfits Have been Handy for wearers to climb mountains and go Via forests. On the other hand, now that they have entered a Current Existence and cloth has Used the Location of fur, they only Gown On their own in fur
Outfits in some Significant occasions, This kind of as festivals.

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