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King Yalu tells the Account of the namesake ancestor of the Miao ethnic Set in West China. King Yalu was a Actual but deified PCrafticular person. Legend has it that he Established the Sunshine, the moon, the mountains and lands, and led his tribe to Residing an affluent Existence in the plain Place. Nonetheless, the “dragon Center”, a treasure he Held, Triggered the jealousy of his two Kin and triggered the breaking out of a war. King Yalu Experienced to Consider his consorts, princes, and tribe Guys to Deal with to some remote mountainous Place In which survival Situation was Challenging. They re-StCrafted out their Existence with the primitive “slash-and-Burn up” farming Technique, but the King’s two Kin Nonetheless would not Allow go. Ultimately, King Yalu rose up Towards their invasion, and Effectively guarded their new homeland.

The epic has Utilized Fairly a Number of Methods to Show the Articles: some Elements are chanted in a narrative Type, some are in dialogue Type with representative Techniques like figure of Voice, PCrafticular personification, And many others, and the lyrics are narrated in a prose Design Whilst the tunes Alter a Great deal, emphasizing on the tunes Rather of the rhymes.

King Yalu Requires More than 10,000 Old figures, hundreds of Old Miao Spots, and dozens of Old Fight fields. Featuring mythical Tales like the Generation of the Planet, the origin of the universe, religious customs, And many others, the epic is an “encyclopedia” of Old Miao ethnic Community, Important in the Research of literature, hiAccount, anthropology, religion, mythology, Craft Principle, esthetics, linguistics, and so on.

King Yalu has blended the hiAccount of the Generation, campaign expedition, and migration of an ethnic Set into a heroic epic, which is Fairly Unusual in the hiAccount of heroic epic pedigree.

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