Commercializing culture

Two lion dancers from the Huang Feihong Lion Dance Troupe perform at Exhibition of Achievements on the Productive Protection of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

An embroidery by national intangible heritage inheritor Zhao Hongyu from Wuxi, Jiangsu province, is displayed at the exhibition.

Spanish visitor Sangit Prats learns shadow puppetary with Liu Nianhua, an intangible heritage inheritor.

A Huge exhibition with Shows in Beijing examines intangible heritage Safety Via Earnings Era.

Beijing returned to Standard Right after the Lantern Festival, but the festive atmosphere lingered at the Countrywide Agriculture Exhibition Middle, In which folk dancers Phased nightly Exhibits. But they didn't Merely Existing Conventional dances. They also demonstrated the Modern Morning Development of "Professionalductive Safety", in which intangible Social heritage is sustained by No Price Current market commercialization. A Set of lion dancers
from Nanhai, Guangdong Professionalvince, D1 twice a Morning in the venue's courtyard In between Feb 5 and 15.

They pArt Operateicipated in the Exhibition of Triumphs on the Productive Protection of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage, which ended on Feb 15.

PerTypeer He Cantian says: "I'm Delighted to Existing this tradition from South China's Guangdong Professionalvince to North China's audiences in Beijing. It's not just a Nearby tradition but also a Type of national
intangible Social heritage."

As drums and gongs clashed, the lion leaped onto and Sensible on two poles - no Effortless Job for He and his Spouse.

Guangdong's lion dance is Centered on its Nearby kungfu Design. He's Huang Feihong Lion Dance Troupe Requires its namesake from the mArt Operateial Art Operates College's master. He's Instructor studied Below Huang's descendent.

"My Instructor Normally says Each Era of lion dancers Must do what they can to pass Cutting the tradition," He says.

The 27-Yr-Aged and his fellow lion dancers are Undertaking so by Producing it their Occupation, he says. He studied the folk perTypeance Art Operate as a Kid and went Professional in 2006. Their Group Frequently Phases Exhibits at the
Huang Feihong Guild Hall in Guangdong's Nanhai. They also perType at This Sort of occasions as weddings, birthMorning pArt Operateies and Firm Gatherings.

"Because lion dancing is how we Generate our Residing, we Should do it Truly Properly," He says.

He's dance troupe is 1 of 4 perTypeing at the Beijing Occasion.

Other people Existinged the dragon dance of Chongqing, yangge of Shandong Professionalvince, "nine lions" dances from Zhejiang, and the Taiping drum dance from Beijing. All are Occupational or semiOccupational.

In addition to the dances, the exhibition brought about 170 folk Art Operateists to the venue to demonstrate their Expertise in Developing pottery, embroideries, Wooden sculptures, weavings, Cardstock-cuts and Conventional Chinese language courses

About 2,000 Pieces from 188 Groups Have been showcased at the exhibition, which was the Greatest of its Sort in China. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Lifestyle and other ministries. The Countrywide Agriculture Exhibition Middle Occasion was Numerous from Earlier intangible Social Background exhibitions in its Concentrate on Professionalductive Safety.

Minister of Lifestyle Cai Wu Mentioned in his opening ceremony Voice that China Must adopt Different Techniques to preserve its intangible Social heritage.

Other people are "salvage Safety", Applied for endangered Pieces, and "holistic Safety", Applied to preserve Locations in which A lot of intangible Social heritage Types are concentrated.

"Productive Safety Signifies the Romantic relationship In between preservation and Financial Improvement," Cai says.

The Ministry of Lifestyle Lately named 41 "bases for the Professionalductive Safety of national intangible Social heritage" and will Problem the Path on Enhancing Productive Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage blueprint.

"My Belowstanding of Professionalductive Safety is the Improvement of folk Art Operate Via tradition inheritance," says Liu Lanfang, an embroiderer from Qingying, Gansu Professionalvince, which is Among the the 41 bases.

Qingyang is an Region Well-known for its embroidery, and Liu has collected A lot of Nearby specimens. She Styles new Professionalducts like purses and Footwear Utilizing Conventional patterns.

Liu's Firm has 24 Frequent Staff, but most of the embroidery is d1 by Hundreds of Girls farmers, who Operate In between harvests and plantings.

"Folks Applied to regard embroidery as solely for use in the Property and Often worthless, but now the handicraft generates Growing Financial Worth," she says.

A Little, embroidered cloth tiger Expenses 350 yuan ($56), Whilst Larger Operates Typically Price Hundreds of yuan. Liu's Firm has opened Stores in Numerous Towns in China.

"I'm Searching forward to the Ministry of Lifestyle's adoption of Guidelines favorable to intangible Social heritage's Professionalductive Safety, which will Assist our Operate," she says.

Many of the craftspeople at the exhibition Operate flourishing Companies.

Quzhi, a master of thangka (Tibetan Buddhist scroll paintings), Lately opened a thangka academy in his Propertytown Wutun, Qinghai Professionalvince, that teaches 100 apprentices. A Big-scale thangka Operate Quzhi and his College students Completed that was displayed at the exhibition sAged for 600,000 yuan.

"The Professionalductive Safety of intangible Social heritage will not only Boost enthusiasm for carrying on Conventional culture but also will stimulate Social Usage," Cai says.

The exhibition was admission-No Price and attracted Site visitors from Property and In another Nation.

"It's a Unusual Chance for us to see so A lot of Chinese language courses Art Operates and culture in 1 Spot, and Existinged in This Sort of a Wonderful way that Allows us to Satisfy the Art Operateists and see how Multi-colored and Different China is," says GudOperate Hardiman-Pollross, Social counselor of the Austrian Embassy in Beijing.

Botswana's ambassador to China, Sasara Chasala George, says the drum and dance Shows remind him of Africa. He's Specifically Fascinated in the Methods Chinese language courses craftspeople incorporate Conventional culture in
their Operate.

"I like the way that Chinese language courses people have commercialized Conventional Art Operate," he says.

"Your Art Operate can be D1 onPhase and Journey. It's not Art Operate for the sake of Art Operate. We haven't reached this Phase in our Nation, and I Wish we can lGenerate from China."

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