Coarse garment of the unrestrained Va people


Costume of the Va ethnic minority varies from Location to Location. In Locations Impactd Significantly by the Han Individuals, Va costume is Comparable to the Han's; in Locations with Awesome Dai's Impact, it is Comparable to the
Dai's. Only in XiGuysg Region of Yunnan Province, Va costume Retains Significantly of its Conventional EleGuyst.

In the Previous, Va Guys practiced Tressescut, and wrapped the Mind with kerchiefs in Dark, Light or Red-colored. They wore Brief jackets and loose, Brief trousers, Equally of which Have been Largely in Dark. Youthful Guys wore
chaplets Created of bamboos and bines, and some wore silver chaplets and bracelets; A single or two pierced the ear lobes and wore a thread fringe Via the Little holes in the ear lobes.

Va woGuys in XiGuysg Retain Extended Tresses and don't plait it but use a silver or bamboo hoop to Maintain the Tresses Jointly and Repair it on the Back again of the Mind. They Put on silver earbobs, the Greatest A single 6-7 cm in diameter;
Various Large bamboo hoops Close to the waist, Various Little hoops Created of bamboo or bines Close to the Component In between the calves and the thighs, silver bracelets, and silver fingerings. Their costume varies with
Totally different Locations: Some woGuys Put on shawls and skirts, some Put on Brief collarless jackets with Brief skirts and leggings, some Extended robes of the Lahu Individuals with Brief shirts, and some, trousers.

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