Cloak on the head of the Jino women


The Jino Ladies Put on a chicken-Center-shaped embroideRed-colored vest, Included by a collarless coat with blue, Red-colored, yellow and Light lattices and with buttons Decrease the Top. For the Reduce CompA singlent, they Put on a Red-colored cloth
purfled Brief skirt, and blue or Dark leggings. On the Mind is a manteau-like peaked hat reaching the shoulders. This kind of a hat Appears Pretty Specific, A specific thing like the peaked hat on the wind coat in Modern day
metropolises. It is Created by a folio cloth about 60 cm in Duration and 23 cm in width, which is sewed at A single Facet. Wearers Typically fold the brim of the hat upwards to Type a margin about A single finger Broad.

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