Change the clothes, Yi girls begin their adulthood


In the Mountainous Liangshan Place in Yunnan Province, a ceremony, Acknowledged as "Sha Laluo" in the Yi dialect, meaning Getting Away a Little 1 skirt and Placing on an Grownup 1, has been Noticed for A lot of generations.
Prior to the ceremony, WoGuys Put on Red-colored and Whitened skirts. Right afterwards, they will Put on ExtFinished skirts divided in 3 Components, of which the Center is Dark and blue. Rather of Put oning 1 ponytail, their Tresses will be
Created into two braids with embroideRed-colored handkerchiefs. Also, they will also Start to Put on earrings.

Right after the ceremony, Youthful ladies can Stroll freely on the streets, Observe horse races and even Day Adult males. The time of the ceremony Generally Takes place Among the ages of 15 to 17. It Is depFinishent on Every WoGuy's Scenario.
An elderly Man or Ladies picks an auspicious Day for the ceremony.

The ceremony symbolizes that the WoGuys have Turn into woAdult males. Mothers will Put together new skirts and other Multi-colored ornaAdult malests for the ceremony.

On the Morning of the ceremony, the Loved ones will Put together Foods for the FriFinishs. The FriFinishs arrive Earlier in the morning, but In accordance to Customized, males are not permitted to Go to the ceremony. Only WoGuys and female
Relations are invited.

The ceremony varies in Totally different regions. In some regions, Throughout the ceremony, some woAdult males say amusing Issues to the WoGuy. In other regions, the ceremony is filled with Tracks and laughter. The Girl who
presides More than the ceremony asks the WoGuy who she loves and what Type of Guy she prefers: a lazy or a hardworking 1, or an h1st or a dish1st 1. The WoGuy Often keeps quiet in Encounter of the Issues, and
sits shyly with her Mind Straight down. The WoGuy who sits beside her will Solution all the Issues for her. At Final, the Girl sings a Music with the Text: "You Must Put on the silver medal Your self, the bead chains
Created by your Relations and Pick your lMore than Your self." Then, a Girl is invited to do the WoGuy's Tresses. The ponytail is Altered into two braids to Display that the WoGuy is a now mature Girl.

At the Finish, the WoGuy puts on earrings and a ExtFinished skirt. This is the Perfect moAdult malest of her Existence. Later on she would recall this Morning with sweet memories. Then the "Sha Lahuo" ceremony rEveryes its climax.

Only when the ceremony is Completed can the Adult males Carry Component in the banquet. Every1 sits on the Flooring and enjoys the delicious Foods. From that Morning on, the WoGuy has Awayicially Appear of age and can Day Adult males, have
Intimate sexual or get married. Prior to the ceremony, they are strictly forbidden from Getting Intimate sexual and could Encounter Serious punishAdult malest.

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