Cave Burial Custom of Miao Nationality in Gaopo County

Gaopo County is Situated in a paramos mountainous Location. The Greatest Stage is 1712.1m above the sea Degree. The Spot Receives its Title Possibly For the reason that the northern Comp1nt is Primarily Large mountains and mesas with
Surface area relief Heading from north Cutting to south. The Location boasts of Standard karst topography. Caverns of A variety of sizes can be Noticed everywhere. It is Stated that the cave burial Customized of Miao Persons in Gaopo
County can be dated Back again to Extra than 600 Many years ago.

As Miao Persons Stated, there are "a Whole lot of" cave burial Web Websites in Gaopo. Mr. Yang Tingshuo, a Guizhou scholar, Performed a Questionnaire in 1981 and Discovered altogether eight cave burial Web Websites in Gaopo. More researchers
Think, Even so, the Amount of cave burial Web Websites is Much Extra than this.

Jiading cave burial Website is Situated 50 percent-way up the Limu mountain of Jiading village. The cave is U-shaped and consists of 1 upper entrance and 1 Decrease entrance. The coffins are Spotd in the upper cave
protected by luxuriant trees. This is a spacious cave that is about 10m Large, 10m Broad and 30-40m in depth. There are hundreds of coffins on "

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