Campers sleep perched on cliff face

A lot more than 100 Back againpackers slept in their tents Even though perched on a 1,700-meter cliff Deal with Right after they Established up tents from FriMorning to SaturMorning along a plank Street that hugs Laojun Mountain in Henan province.

The spine-tingling campWebsite, On the other hand, rewarded them with breathGetting Look ats of the sea of clouds that fills up the valley Beneath like an expanse of Drinking water.

Xu Lei, 1 of the Back againpackers and an organizer of the trip, Stated that for the Primary time, they moved campers from the bottom to Componentway up the mountain to get a Much better Look at of the sea of clouds and the

"We Began to climb on FriMorning evening and Produced camp at the hanging plank Street, about 1,700 meters Higher," Xu Stated. "That Place is on the Back again of the mountain with Tiny wind and does not Available to Regular
Visitors. It is a Fairly Secure Spot for Back againpackers."

The walkway also has a railing that kept the campers from rolling Away in their Rest.

"The Look at of the sea of clouds Began at 10 pm on FriMorning and Ongoing til 5 pm on SaturMorning," Xu Stated. "It gave me an extraRegular Expertise. It looked like I was in the Center of the ocean. The cloud-
shrouded mountain looked like a sailing boat."

The camping trip was Component of a Sequence of Actions for Laojun Mountain Camp Festival, which Began on SaturMorning. The organizer Supplied Drinking water, Lightweight toilets and flashlights. A number of campers Obtained up Earlier to
Physical exercise in the presence of the cloud sea on SaturMorning morning.

Laojun Mountain, at 2,200 meters, is the holiest Website for Taoist priests, Given that the founder of Taoism, Li Er, secluded himself on the mountain on the eighth Morning of a 4th lunar Four week period in the fifth or sixth
century BC. The Higher altitude, thick forest and humid Problems make the mountain a Appropriate Spot to Look at the phenomenon of the sea of clouds.

Qu Wei, 28, a tour Information at Laojunshan Beautiful Place, Stated In addition to cliff camping, many Visitors Appreciate Carrying out Yoga exercise, Actively playing the 7-string Chinese language zither and Getting Movies with the Back againground of the sea of
clouds. "It was Pretty thrilling to do Yoga exercise at an altitude of 2,000 meters," she Stated. "The Beautiful Place is Included with Wi-Fi, which Allows Visitors to Reveal their Expertise on Interpersonal networking WebInternet sites or

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