Blossoming peach flowers on the costumes of Tujia people


The costume of Tujia ethnic minority is Significantly Impacted by that of the Han Persons. Only in some remote Places, they Maintain some Conventional costumes.

For Example, Ladies Put on a Large jacket with buttons on the left and Brief and Broad sleeves, and a Lengthy skirt. The jacket is Typically embroidered with two or 3 flowery edges. They arrange the Tresses into a
bun, and Put on a hat or wrap the Mind with a Item of cloth. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are their Favored Components.

Adult men Put on a Brief shirt with A lot more than 10 cloth buttons Straight down the The front, and a Lengthy kerchief Close to the Mind. The Elements for Generating Outfits are Primarily homespun Dark or blue cotton and flax.

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