Belief on the head of Hui ethnic group

Costume of the Hui ethnic minority distinguishes By itself from Other Individuals chiefly by the Mind Comp1nt. In Places inhabited by the Hui Individuals, Adult males Commonly Put on a Circular brimless Whitened Hat.

In accordance to some scholars, it is for the Comfort of kowtow that Islamite Put ons the brimless Whitened Hat: to Allow the foreMind and the nose Idea touch the gCircular Quickly, so as to make Entire body and Spirit
concentrate on 1 Place. As the Guide Origin of the Hui says: "When you kowtow, your Spirit returns to the Earth." Even though kowtowing, the Huis Recognize that Individuals Reside on the earth and will die on the earth,
As well, which is a Regulation no 1 can defy; Allah bestow us Existence, so we Should certainly requite Him. So, the brimless Whitened Hat has been Named "Hat for hierurgy" or "Whitened Hat of filial piety". Afterwards, in accordance
with Residing Wants, the Hui Adult males Believe the Whitened Hat is Gentle, Slim, Awesome, Affordable and Simple to make, Therefore, it has Come to be a Typical MindPut on of male Muslims.

In Add-on to the Whitened Hat, in Places of the Hui Individuals, there is also a Customized of Put oning the sleeveless jacket in some remote mountain Places: in Summer time, they Placed on a Dark sleeveless jacket on the Whitened
shirt. Black and Whitened make a Awesome contrast, Displaying a Impression of comeliness, and a Effortless but Stylish Oxygen.


The Custom made of Putting on Gaitou (veil Includeing the Mind) originated from the Tip in The Koran: "letting them hang their Mindcloth Cutting to the Training collar", meaning that, to Include the Curly hair, the ears and the neck so
as to concentrate on the divine Support Not having seeing, Listening to and speaking any improper Factors. After, it Produced into a Typical Gown for Girls in some regions of the Hui ethnic minority.

Ordinarily, Gaitou falls into 3 Varieties: the Eco-friendly Gaitou for Youthful Girls, which Appears Extremely Fresh new and comely; the Dark Sort for Center-aged Girls, which Appears Extremely Stylish and solemn; the Bright Sort for Older
Girls, which Appears Extremely Cleanse and pure. In the Previous, some Youthful and Center-aged Girls Frequently wore a Circular-topped Bright Hat embroideRed-colored with patterns of flowers on the Facet, Searching Extremely delicate, Intelligent and
Fairly. Old Girls Frequently wore a Dark or brown Mindband, and in Summer time they wore a Bright gauze kerchief. Middle-aged Girls wore a Red-colored, Eco-friendly or blue Mindband in winter and a Mild and Slender Red-colored or Eco-friendly gauze
kerchief in Summer time. When Moslem Girls are in Multi-colored Gaitou or gauze kerchief, they Appear Extremely Fairly and charming.

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