Beijing targets one-day trips with draft regulation

A draft tourism regulation that aims to Much better govern 1-Day time trips in Beijing was submitted to the Town's legislature on WednesDay time for its Earliest Examining.

Below the regulation, all Vacation Companies are Needed to register with the administrative tourism authorities and Offer outlines of all the 1-Day time trips they are proposing to Operate.

Consumers Need to be Offerd with Progress e-itineraries and no Vacation Company is Permitted to publicly Market 1-Day time trips Without the need of approval, In accordance to the draft.

Any1 Discovered to contravene the regulation would be disciplined by the Town's tourism Management and issued a Optimum Good of 10,000 yuan ($1,495), it Mentioned.

Liu Zhengang, director of the municipal Federal government's Lawful affairs Division, Mentioned the draft prioritizes regulation of 1-Day time trips Mainly because This kind of tours have Come to be a Major Difficulty in Beijing and Granted the
Cash a Damaging Picture.

"As the political and Social Middle of China, Beijing Necessities to make Entire use of its Social Means for the Improvement of tourism, and Create a Fine tourism Picture Throughout the Nation," Mentioned legislator
Cheng Xiaojun, adding that the draft also Impacts Over the internet Vacation Companies' Lookup Powerplant Companies and tour Companies.

By the Finish of Final Yr, Beijing Experienced 1,602 Vacation Companies and Far more than 39,000 tour guides, the Federal government Mentioned.

It Additional that tourism brought Income of Far more than 460 billion yuan to the Town Final Yr.

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