Baishaxiyue - A Living Fossil of Naxi Music


Baishaxiyue is Referred to as “Baishixili” or Bieshixieli in Naxi Expressions. In accordance to legend, it is from the Audio pieces of the Yuan Dynasty. It is Mentioned that when Kublai Khan, the 1st emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, led his south expeditionary armies to conquer Dali, the troops stayed on their way in Lijiang for a Whilst. The Emperor and his troops Have been welcomed and Properly Obtained by Aliang, the then Head of the Naxi Individuals. As they departed Lining, the emperor gave Aliang some Strap Males and left At the rear of some Audio Guides as Reward. That is why the Audio is Referred to as “Bieshixieli” meaning “fareProperly Reward”. But some say
that it is a folk Audio invented by Naxi Individuals in the inception Many years of the Yuan Dynasty Applied as a requiem for the fighters died in the war. The Report says, “when Mu’s Family members was in its heyday, intruders from Yongning County molested Lijiang. Mu and troops ambushed the intruders at Basha and wiped them out. People there invented the Audio to Communicate condolence on their Passing away”. That is why it is Referred to as “Baishixili”. Though there are Several explanations to the origin of the Audio, all Concur that it is a Audio Communicateing Emotions of Lifestyle and Passing away, nostalgia, sadness and Becoming gut-wrenching.

Baisha is an Historical and Lovely village at the foot of Yulong Mountains, Applied to be a Middle of politics, Economic climate and Subculture for the Naxi. “xiyue” is contrary to “chuyue”. The tone Made by Suona, a mouth instruMalest, is Referred to as “chuyue” or “xiyue”, Normally, it is Referred to as “xiyue”.

In Background, Baishaxiyue Consists of chapters of Prelude, A Letter, 3 Ideas, Lovely Clouds, Crying of Princess, Lark Dance, Barefooted Dance, Arrow Dance, South Music, North Music Lichee Flower and Crying of Sky. It is an orchestrated Audio with the Amount of Audio Avid gamers Becoming Versatile. When it is Performed, it is accompanied by Tunes and dances. The Audio is tinged with Community Capabilities. It reflects Large mountains, flowing Drinking waters, clouds or Naxi Individuals’s Lifestyle at the foot of Yulong Mountains when they Construct Drinking water conservancy Services, Area irrigation and agricultural harvest. It bears profound meanings with Straightforward and Accurate tones, demonstrating Naxi Individuals’s artistic Considering and Creativeness.

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