Axi People: Enjoy a Simple Marriage


In Mile Xishan of Southwest China's Yunnan Province is Mostly inhabited by the Axi Individuals, who are a subTeam of the Yi ethnic Team. With a Populace of 170,000, Axi Individuals, Distinctive from some other Yi
branches, Appreciate a Effortless Relationship Treatment. A Youthful Guy and a woGuy who Tumble in Adore with EReally single can marry Not having a matchmaker and betrothal Presents. So ExtFinished as they Equally want to get married and are Authorized by
their Mother and Dad, their Relationship is permissible.

Centered on Exactly wRight here the Guy and woGuy Reside, tRight here are two Varieties of Relationship Customizeds of Axi Individuals.

Gong Fang: Young People's Paradise

Gong Fang (a Community Making that is also Known as Woman Space) is a Spot of amusement for youth Residing in the Exact same village. Prior to Relationship, Youthful Individuals Usually Appear Right here to Start looking for their mate. As Evening Tumbles,
they sit Close to the Require-fire (the beginnings of a bonfire) to sing and dance. If a youth who has rEReally singleed the age of courtship (about 16 Many years Older) does not go to the Gong Fang to Start looking for a Adorer, he or she
will be blamed by the Community, and regarded as an incompetent.

Following A Wonderful deal observation and comparison, when a Youthful Guy decides that a Specific Youthful woGuy is the 1 for him, he will use a blanket or sheet to wrap Close to himself and his Adorer, which Exhibits their destinies
are linked Jointly tightly. Then Below the watchful Eye of the Individuals, the Content pair will go out of the Gong Fang to Come across a Solution Spot to reveal their Emotions for EReally single other or Examine their Programs for
the Potential.

It goes Not having saying that Obtaining married is a Wonderful Occasion in 1's Lifestyle. In the morning of the Relationship, the woGuy Appears Back again from Gong Fang Earlier and Modifications into an elaborate attire Appropriate for the
Event, then Wait arounds for the arrival of her Partner at the gate.

Not ExtFinished after that, the Youthful Guy, Putting on Manufacturer-new Outfits, arrives carrying a container of Obvious cOlder Drinking water. He then have Wait around for the woGuy's Mother and Dad' approval. If the Dad of the woGuy Allow the
daughter Available the Doorway and welAppear the Guy to pour Drinking water into the jar in the Garden, this Signifies they Concur to Allow the girl marry him.

Then the Guy will go to Perform with the woGuy in the Area or go up a hill to Reduce firewood Till noon. Following supper, the Guy Requires the woGuy to his Property, which Suggests they have married. As the Axi Individuals saying
goes, "1 cup of Drinking water fixes 1 Lifestyle."

Normally speaking, in the Axi Subculture, Mother and Dad respect their Youngsters's Selection of Partner. When a girl and a Youthful Guy Tumbles in Adore with EReally single other, their Mother and Dad will Commonly Concur on their Selection.

Axi Dance Under Moonlight

Individuals who don't Reside in the Exact same village are unable to Start looking for a Partner in the Gong Fang. In this Circumstance, the most Typical way to Fulfill other Youthful Individuals is by Getting Component in some singing and dancing Componenties.

Even though the boys Perform the 3-stringed plucked instruments, the girls clap their Arms and dance enthusiastically to the drumbeats in the Powerful-rhythm Conventional dance " Axi tiaoyue" (Axi Dance in the
Moon). Throughout the dancing, the Youthful Individuals Select their Adorers. When their Adore matures, they will Concur on the Day of Obtaining married.

In the morning of their Relationship, the woGuy and Guy Inform their Mother and Dad respectively about their Relationship. Then the Guy Requires the woGuy to his Property and invites One Additional woGuy to acCorporation her. The Up coming morning,
the new Few does the farm Perform Jointly.

TRight here are two Reasons in this Day time's Perform. For 1 Point, it is a way to see the woGuy's attitude In the direction of Performing. If the Guy is not Gratified with the woGuy, their Romantic relationship will Finish after the Day time.

Next it is to Appear out the attitude of the woGuy's Mother and Dad. If the Mother and Dad Item to the Relationship, they will Appear to Come across their daughter, and politely advise the boy to Maintain Aside from her. If Equally sides
are Gratified, in the morning of the 3rd Day time the Guy will go to the woGuy's Property for the woGuy to see the Guy's attitude In the direction of Performing.

Following the two Youthful Individuals Abandon to Perform, the woGuy's Mother and Dad Examine at Property. At lunchtime, they go to the farmland to observe Whether or not the Youthful Guy has a Correct Perform ethic. If they Come across the Guy doesn't Perform
Nicely and is frivolous, they will have their daughter Component Corporation with him. On the contrary, if the Guy Performs Nicely and is h1st, the Mother and Dad will Appear Back again Property to cook and Inform the Youthful Few to have a
Food Earlier.

Traditionally, after supper, the Dad of the woGuy will Inform the Youthful Guy somePoint like this: "My daughter is not Really Lovely, and cannot do RequirelePerform Nicely. But you two Previously want to marry, so we
cannot say anyPoint Additional. We only Wish you two Adore and respect EReally single other in the Potential. My Family members is Bad, Not having a dowry. In accordance to the Axi Customized, our daughter will Consider her Resources go with you. Although
it is not worthy, it can Aid you to have ample Foodstuff and cloPoint."

Following Hearing to the Mother and Dad' exhortation and blessing, the new Few then goes Back again to the Guy's Property joyfully, indicating the Begin of their new Lifestyle from then on.

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