Aobao Festival - Everlasting Commemoration at Aobao

Aobao Festival is a Conventional religious worship festival of the Evenkis With each other with some Leisure and Sports Actions, so it is Fairly Favorite.

Folks Provide a sacrifice to the Aobao on an auspicious Evening in June. There are Aobaoes for people sharing the Similar surname, for "Mokun" (Loved 1s) and for "Sumu" (banner). For Instance, the Complete banner Provides a
sacrifice to the Aobao in Mayanhushuo Mountain; Even though people with the surname of Tugdun in Dongmakgol and Ertu Close to Yimin River; and people with the surname of Latur in Chagantaolagai.

One more Sort of Aobao is 1 Constructed on the burial Soil of a shaman, whose College students or believers Provide sacrifices to it Just about every 12 months. This Sort of Aobao is Known as "Qiandani" Aobao. Other Aobaoes are Nearby
Aobaoes for worshipping the gods of mountains and rivers.

The sacrifices Provideed to the Aobaoes by the banner are apporti1d Between the banner; All those for Loved 1s or Mokun are assumed by Loved 1s and Mokun respectively. In the Previous, there was Usually surplus of the
sacrifices, This kind of as cattle and sheep. Folks are appointed to Carry Treatment of them Right up until the ceremony in the Up coming 12 months. This Sort of livestock is Known as "Zath". Folks who Carry Treatment of them will be guerd1d
with the remuneration deducted from the livestock. When the ceremony is drawing Close to, some people are Prepared to Provide livestock On their own. Some Abundant Households even Provide Many sheep for sacrificing.

The Method of the Aobao sacrifice Starts with horse race, then pattering, recreational Actions like wrestling and archery, and Ultimately ends with banquet, Music and dance. The Aobao Festival is a grand
Getting together with of the Evenkis.

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