Ancestor Worship of Miao Ethnicity

Ancestor worship of Miao Ethnicity, also KnPersonal as "Drum Commune Festival", "Drum Commune Memorial Ceremony" "Drum-worshipping Festival" or "Bull-sacrificing Festival", is a religious Action passed Decrease from
the clan Community. Amongst varied ancestor worship ceremonies, that of killing bulls by Miao Individuals boasted the Lengthyest Background, a grand scale and a solemn ceremony.

As legend has it, in Historic Occasions, the ancestors of Miao Ethnic Minority migrated to Guizhou from afar. Throughout the Lengthy migration, spirits of the deceased stayed with the Party in the Type of ashes preserved
in the drum. Bull sacrificing Signifies to worship the ancestors by killing bulls. Typically there is a Little-scale ceremony Each thirteen Many Yrs and 1 Big scale Each fifty Many Yrs. In accordance to conventions, it
is Via divining that the powwow decides beforehand in which Yr and at what time the ceremony will be Used, be it Frequent or irFrequent. On the eve of Bull-sacrificing Festival, Each Family members has to
worship their ancestors by killing bulls, Hence costing a Great deal. Typically the ceremony is Used at the time of a Decent harvest. Or else, it will be postp1d.

There are a Wonderful Quite a few Complex Methods during the ceremony. Miao Individuals who participate in it are Anticipated to fulfill their Personal roles Even though Subsequent the Methods. The Important Methods Consist of
electing the Head, transferring a pair of drums from the Earlier Head to the newly-elected 1, turning More than the drum preserved in a grotto, Slicing Decrease a tree for Creating a new drum, killing bulls and
Providing sacrifices to the ancestors, and Ultimately sending the new drum to the grotto. Every Method is Even more divided into Many Mild Actions. Altogether a ceremony will Carry 4 Many Yrs, with two
Actions-killing bulls and Providing sacrifices-as the highlights.


 Preparatory Stage-Killing Bulls

 Preparatory Stage-Killing Bulls

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