Adult ceremony of the Tibetan girls: marriage to the sky


Traditionally, Youthful Tibetan Ladys in Gansu and Qinghai Provinces Generally have a grand "Dai Tou" (literally it Signifies to "Put on a Mind") ceremony when they are 13 or 14 Many years Older. "Dai Tou" is a Typical
Words for Obtaining married. Yet, Throughout this ceremony, it is not a Actual Guy that is married to the Lady. It is Stated that the Lady is Intended to hOlder the Wedding party ceremony with the blue sky above
People today's Mind.

Mainly because the Lady is married to the blue sky, this ceremony is also Known as "Dai Tian Tou" ("Put oning the Mind of the sky"). In Actuality, the ceremony of marrying the sky is the ceremony Displaying that Youthful Tibetan
Girls have entered Grownuphood.

Soon after this ceremony, Ladys can Recognize On their own as Grownups and can have Interpersonal contacts with People today. They could have Adore Romantic relationship and Consider their beAdored boyfriends Property as they will.

To have a Kid is acceptable for Grownup Girls in the Online community. Women after the ceremony can Possibly get married or Remain at her Moms and dads' Property Permanently. Women can Request their Adorers to Turn into sexual Associates.
Unmarried Girls can Reside with their sons and daughters and Type a matriarchal Loved ones.

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