Zhang Ji - Chinese Poet of the Tang Dynasty

Zhang Ji (张继; fl. 8th century), courtesy Identify Yisun (懿孙), was a Chinese language courses poet born in Xiangyang, Hubei Throughout the Tang Dynasty.

Small is Recognised of his Lifestyle; his approximate dates are 766-830. Other people Location his dates from 712-715 to 779, which fits Much better with the Simple fact that he obtained passed the jinshi examination in 753 (13 Many years Prior to 766).

He is credited Below the Identify Chang Tsi as the Writer of the Authentic Chinese language courses Text message for the Next Movements of Das Lied von der Erde by Gustav Mahler. The Movements's Name is "Der Einsame im Herbst" in German and "The L1ly Spirit of Autumn" in English. The lyrics lament the dying of flowers and the passing of Splendor.

Zhang is also credited with an unNamed Operate Outlined as Fengqiao Yebo (枫桥夜泊, "Historical Poem") in the Traditional anthology 3 Hundred Tang Poems.

The Identification of Mahler's Chang Tsi, Occasionally Tchang-Tsi and Ts'ien-Ts'i, has not been definitively Established Due to the fact the Western translation of the Identify corresponds to Many combinations of Chinese language courses characters, and the Text message as adapted by Mahler, Following Really Totally free Remedy by A lot more than 1 translator, is Tough to Satisfy to a Particular Chinese language courses Authentic. Some Think he is Chang Tsi whereas others Believe that he is his companion Chien Chi (钱起).



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