Yuan Zhen - Poet and Politician of the Tang Dynasty

Yuan Zhen (元稹; 779–September 2, 831), courtesy Brand Weizhi (微之), was a politician of the Center Tang Dynasty, but is Extra Recognized as an Very important Chinese language program Author and poet, Especially for Function Yingying's Biography (莺莺传), which was Frequently adapted for other Treatment options, Which includes operatic and musical Kinds. He was briefly chancellor Throughout the reign of Emperor Muzong.

A native of Luoyang, Yuan Zhen was a descendant of Northern Wei's imperial Family FelMinimal members. He lost his Dad at the age of 7 and moved to Fengxiang (凤翔), Close to Nowadays's Baoji, Shanxi with his Mom Lady Zheng (郑氏). Yuan Started his Producings at the age of fifteen. He was a FelMinimal member of Bai Juyi's literary circle and a Important figure in the Old literature revival. He was a Buddy of Bai Juyi and also of Xue Tao, a courtesan and Well-known poet who May have been his lover. Bai Juyi and Yuan Zhen Produced a "Eco-friendly Mountain pact" to retire Jointly as Taoist recluses When they Experienced accumulated Sufficient Finances, but Yuan's untimely Passing away kept them from achieving that Desire. In 813, Yuan Authored a grave inscription for Du Fu, which Consists of some of the earliest Recognized praise for his predecessor's Functions.


Yuan Zhen was born in 779, Close to the time of Emperor Dezong's ascension to the throne. He was a 10th-Era descendant of Tuoba Shiyijian, the grandDad of Northern Wei's founder Emperor Daowu, who was posthumously honored Emperor Zhaocheng Right after Northern Wei's founding. Yuan Zhen's male ancestor Collection was reBrandd Yuan, from Tuoba, when Emperor Xiaowen Transformed Xianbei Brands to Han Brands in 496. Subsequently ancestors of Yuan Zhen's served as Standards of Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. His grandDad Yuan Fei (元悱) served as a county secretary Standard, Even though his Dad Yuan Kuan (元宽) served as a Minimal-Degree
Standard at the ministry of justice, as Nicely as secretary to an imperial prince.

Yuan Kuan died when Yuan Zhen was 7, and Yuan Zhen was raised by his Mom Lady Zheng, who was Regarded an intelligent Female. As the Residence was Bad, she Do not Deliver Yuan Zhen to College, but taught him to Study and Compose herself. It was Stated that Yuan Started to be capable of Producing at age eight, and at age 14 passed the imperial examination for Knowing two Confucian classics. At age 23, he was Produced a copyeditor at the archival bureau (秘书省).

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