Yuan Zhen: During Emperor Wenzong's Reign


In 829, by which time Emperor Jingzong's Sibling Emperor Wenzong was emperor, Yuan Zhen was recalled to Chang'an to serve as Shangshu Zuo Cheng (尚书左丞), 1 of the secretaries Standard of the executive bureau (尚书省). He Attempted to reorganize the bureau, and he expelled 7 officials Below him who Experienced Bad reputations.

On the other hand, as Yuan himself was not Regarded for exemplary Life values, he Do not Obtain Very much Help from other officials. When the chancellor Wang Bo died in 830, Yuan Attempted to use his connections to Once more Come to be chancellor, but was unable to do so. Rather, he was sent out to Wuchang Circuit (武昌, headquartered in Modern Day time Wuhan, Hubei) to serve as its Army governor and the prefect of its Money prefecture E Prefecture (鄂州).

He Grew to become ill All of a sudden in Tumble 831 and died Inside of a Day time of Tumbleing ill. He was Offered posthumous honors. As his Boy Yuan Daohu (元道护) was then only two Many years Aged, his funeral was hosted by his cousin Yuan Ji (元積). He left a Selection of 100 Amounts of poems, draft edicts, commemorative texts, and essays. He also compiled a 300-Amount Function collecting Historical and Modern Legitimate rulings.

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