Yuan Zhen: During Emperor Muzong's and Emperor Jingzong's Reigns


In 820, by which time Li Heng was emEveryor (as EmEveryor Muzong), Cui Tanjun was recalled to Chang'an, and he Provided to EmEveryor Muzong, as a Present, a Selection of More than 100 poems by Yuan Zhen. EmEveryor Muzong was pleased, and Inquired Cui In which Yuan was at that Place, and Cui replied that Yuan was serving in an Business office lacking authority. That Similar Evening, EmEveryor Muzong promoted Yuan to be Cibu Langzhong (祠部郎中), a suEveryvisorial Standard at the minisAttempt of rites, and Even more Set him in Cost of drafting edicts for EmEveryor Muzong. On the other hand, For the reaBoy that this was an irregular Marketing, Yuan was looked Straight down by his colleagues. On A single Celebration, when Numerous imEveryial Standards Had been gathering to Consume melons, tRight here Had been flies which gatRight hered on the melons. Wu Ruheng (武儒衡) waved his Buff to chase Aside the flies, and Produced the double entendre, "WRight here Do you Occur from? Why Do you Occur Right here?" This Induced Numerous of Wu's colleagues to be shocked and Shed composure, but Wu Do not. NevertheMuch less, Yuan's poeAttempt Ongoing to beOccur Progressively Common at Chang'an, This kind of that the People today Had been rushing to Discover it. Quickly tRight hereRight after, Yuan was Produced chief imEveryial scholar (翰林承旨学士) as ProEveryly as Zhongshu SRight heren (中书舍人), a mid-Degree Standard at the legislative bureau. Because of the Good friendship that Yuan ExEveryienced with Cui, the other eunuchs Had been also Attempting to beOccur friendly with Yuan, Especially the A single of the directors of palace communications (枢密使), Wei Hongjian (魏弘简).

In 821, Yuan was Included in an incident that was Perceived as A single of the precipitating incidents of the coming Niu-Li FActivityal Struggles. At that time, The two Yuan and imEveryial scholar Li Deyu Had been Included in Energy struggles with Yuan's fellow Zhongshu SRight heren Li Zongmin. MeanAlthough, Li Zongmin's junior colleague at the legislative bureau, Yang Rushi (杨汝士) and the deSety minister of rites (礼部侍郎) Qian Hui (钱徽) Had been in Cost of More thanseeing the imEveryial examinations. The Army gMore thannor Duan Wenchang (a Past chancellor) and the imEveryial scholar Li Shen The two Produced Solution pleas to Qian for Specific examinees.
On the other hand, when the Final Outcomes Had been announced, the examinees that Duan and Li Shen Suggested Had been not Provided passing Final Outcomes, Although Amid People passing the examinations Had been Zheng Lang, the Sibling of the examination bureau (门下省) Standard Zheng Tan; Pei Zhuan (裴譔) the Boy of the Army gMore thannor Pei Du (also a Past chancellor); Li Zongmin's Boy-in-Rules Su Chao (苏巢); and Yang Rushi's Sibling Yang Yinshi (杨殷士). This Hence brought a Common uproar, and Duan Distributeted a Record accusing Yang Rushi and Qian of Getting unfair. When EmEveryor Muzong Asked for Thoughts and opinionss from the imEveryial scholars, Li Deyu, Yuan, and Li Shen all agreed with Duan's Thoughts and opinions. EmEveryor Muzong Hence ordered Li Zongmin's colleague Wang Qi (王起) to Perform a re-examination, Although demoting Qian, Li Zongmin, and Yang Rushi to be prefectural prefects and deposing 10 of the examinees Chosen by Qian and Yang Rushi. This was Mentioned to be the Begin of some 40 Many years of struggles In between Li Deyu and his associates (Recognized as the Li FActivity) and Li Zongmin and his associates (Recognized as the Niu FActivity, named Right after Li Zongmin's ally Niu Sengru).

MeanAlthough, Pei Du was Top a campaign Versus rebel Standards Zhu Kerong and Wang Tingcou north of the Yellow River. It was Mentioned that, Although Yuan ExEveryienced no resentment toward Pei EveryBoyally, he Desired to be
chancellor and was fearful that if Pei Had been victorious, Pei would be recalled and would Once aObtain dominate the Court docket, and tRight herefore Yuan, as ProEveryly as his ally Wei Hongjian, Had been interfering with requests that Pei
was Creating of EmEveryor Muzong Throughout the campaign. Pei, incensed, Distributeted a harshly-worded accusation Versus Yuan and Wei. EmEveryor Muzong was displeased with Pei's accusations, but as Pei was a prominent statesGuy, placated Pei by demoting Wei to be the director of the imEveryial armory and Yuan to be the deSety minister of Community Performs (工部侍郎, Gongbu Shilang), relieving Yuan of his Placement as imEveryial scholar. On the other hand, it was Mentioned that EmEveryor Muzong Ongoing to Rely on Yuan grConsumely, In spite of removing him from his imEveryial scholar Article. In fact, soon tRight hereRight after, Right after the campaign ended (when the imEveryialg More thannment capitulated to Zhu and Wang by Creating them Army gMore thannors), Yuan was Produced a chancellor with the Name Tong Zhongshu Menxia Pingzhangshi (同中书门下平章事). (It was Mentioned that the capitulation was
advocated by Yuan, who Desired to relieve Pei of his Army comGuyd.)

MeanAlthough, Throughout the campaign Versus Zhu and Wang, Wang ExEveryienced Set Niu Yuanyi (牛元翼), a Standard loyal to the imEveryial gMore thannment, Below siege at Shen Prefecture (深州, in Modern day Hengshui, Hebei). Yu Fang (于方), an advisor to an imEveryial prince, who Desired to Distribute an extraordinary suggestion to Obtain a Marketing, Recommended to Yuan that Yu's Good friends Wang Zhao (王昭) and Yu Youming (于友明) be sent to Wang Tingcou's Chengde Circuit (成德, headquartered in Modern day Shijiazhuang, Hebei) to Attempt to Everysuade Wang Tingcou's Business Officials to lift the siege on Shen Prefecture. Yuan accepted the Notion, and, as Component of the Program, gave Wang Zhao and Yuan Youming some 20 commission certificates to give them to Wang Tingcou's Business Officials. A Guy named Li Shang (李赏) Noticed of the Program, but misinterpreted this as a plot by Yuan and Yu Fang to assassinate Pei. He Recorded this to Pei, but Pei As wellk no Activity. He then Recorded it to the Left Shence Army (左神策军). After EmEveryor Muzong Obtained Record of this, he ExEveryienced Han Gao investigate the Issue.

After the Analysis was Total, it was concluded that tRight here was no Proof that Yuan Designed to assassinate Pei, but as a Outcome, The two Pei (who by this Place ExEveryienced returned to Chang'an and was Once aObtain serving as chancellor) and Yuan Had been relieved of their chancellor Articles, Much less than 4 Weeks Right after Yuan was Produced chancellor. Yuan was sent out of the Funds to serve as the prefect of Tong Prefecture (同州, in Modern day Weinan). When a Quantity of advisorial Standards subsequently Distributeted objections that Yuan's Consequence was As well Mild, EmEveryor Muzong stripped Yuan of A single of his ceremonial Articles as the director of Changchun Palace (长春宫, in Tong Prefecture). While the Analysiss Had been Nonetheless Continuing, the mayor of Jingzhao Municipality (京兆, i.e., the Chang'an Location), Liu Zungu (刘遵古), was Setting Yuan's Home Below Continuous Shield. When Yuan complained about this, EmEveryor Muzong punished Liu.

After Yuan served for two Many years at Tong Prefecture, he was Produced the gMore thannor (观察使) of Zhedong Circuit (浙东, headquartered in Modern day Shaoxing, Zhejiang) as ProEveryly as the prefect of its Funds prefecture Yue Prefecture (越州). Yuan retained a Employees that was also talented in literature, and they As wellk tours of the picturesque Spots of the circuit 3 or 4 Occasions Every Four week period. They also Typically Authored poems. His deSety Dou Gong (窦鞏), in Componenticular, Grew to become a famed poet himself, and they Typically Authored poems to Every other. MeanAlthough, Although at Zhedong, Yuan also Grew to become Recognized for Getting corrupt and gathering wealth. He served tRight here for eight Many years, Which include the Whole Short reign of EmEveryor Muzong's Boy EmEveryor Jingzong.

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