Yangliuqing New Year pictures


Yangliuqing is Situated Close to the Drinking waterway and Acreage Transport pivot of Tianjin, and not Much from Beijing. Wooden blocks in the Area rose at the juncture of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and bloomed Throughout the reign of Qing Emperor Qianlong. A saying goes that "Each and eQuite Residence can Include Particulars to a painting, and Each and EQuitebody is Superior at Colours."

Yangliuqing New Yr Images prevail in North China, influencing Nearly all the other New Yr Images in the Area. Figure painting is a Quite Necessary CompA singlent of Yangliuqing New Yr Images, with the Body fat Infant maid Images beign Specifically Favorite. In Simple fact, Yangliuqing New Yr Images Had been the inspiration of Friendly Beibei, A single of the 2008 Beijing Olympic mascots.

Yangliuqing New Yr Images combine woodcarving, Drinking watermarking, and Coloring painting, retain the Methods of folk paintings, and are influenced by the Qing painting workshops. Its subjects Largely Consist of drama Testimonies, Lovely Ladies, and plump moppets, as Properly as josses, Doorway gods, Pictures of beauties, boy and Woman attendants to a god or goddess, auspicious Images, birds and beasts, flowers, Drinking water and mountain Acreagescapes, and characters from dramas and legends. Nevertheless, festivity and auspiciousness are Usually the Principal themes of Yangliuqing New Yr Pictures.

Yangliuqing New Yr Images combine delineation, woodcarving, overprinting, Coloring painting and mounting Methods, Even though featuring an exquisite touch, smooth lines, elaborate Methods, Existencelike Coloring paintings, and a vivid luster, Specifically the Coloring paintings of Individual faces, which are Good, Vivid, and Accurate to Existence.

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