Yan Fodiao - The First Chinese Monk in Buddhist History

Yan Fodiao(严佛调), also Identified as Yan Diao, Additional the Term fo(Buddha) in his Brand Right after Getting a monk to Display that he Experienced some Romantic relationship with fo. He lived Around in the 2nd century. Considering that he was the Primary Chinese language monk in Chinese language Buddhist Background and the Primary Buddhist scholar in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), Yan Fodiao possessed an Very important Placement in Chinese language Buddhist Background.

At that time, the Buddhism was just Launched into China and was treated as a Overseas religion. It was prohibited for a Chinese language to Come to be a monk Although Yan Fodiao was an exception. Yan apprenticed to hierarch An Shih Kao to Examine Buddhism and Assisted translate sutras. Yan Fodiao was Pretty Intelligent. He could comprehend Past his mentor All through the Programs of Examine and translation. With the Improvement of his Information on Buddhism, Yan Fodiao Grew to become the Primary Individual of the Han nationality to Generate Buddhist writings.

As the Primary Chinese language monk and Buddhist scholar and translator, Yan Fodiao is A single of the most Very important figures in Buddhist Background Despite the fact that he has no biography. Between piles of his translations Fa Jing Jing(Lawful Mirror Sutra) is the most Very important A single, which was Finished by Yan Fodiao and Iranian merchant An Xuan Jushi. Yan Fodiao explained the sutras translated by An Shih Kao, which influences Chinese language Buddhism Significantly.

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