Xue Baochai


Xue Baochai (simplified Chinese language courses: 薛宝钗; Conventional Chinese language courses: 薛寶釵; pinyin: Xuē Bǎochāi; Wade–Giles: Hsueh Pao-chai; Meaning: Jeweled Tresses Pin or Valuable Virtue)

Jia Baoyu's other Earliest cousin. The only daughter of Aunt Xue (薛姨妈), sister to Baoyu's Mom, Baochai is a foil to Daiyu. In which Daiyu is unconventional and hypersensitive, Baochai is sensible and tactful: a Type Chinese language courses feudal maiden. The novel describes her as Amazing and intelligent, but also reserved and Subsequent the Principles of decorum. Though reluctant to Display the Level of her Know-how, Baochai Looks to be Fairly Uncovered about Every little thing, from Buddhist teachings to how not to make a paint plate crack. She is not keen on elaborately decorating her Space and herself. The novel describes her Space as Getting Totally Zero cost of decoration, apart from a Little vase of chrysanthemums. Baochai has a Circular Encounter, Reasonable Epidermis, Big Eye, and, some would say, a Much more voluptuous figure in contrast to Daiyu's willowy daintiness. Baochai carries a golden locket with her which Consists of Words and phrases Offered to her in childhood by a Buddhist monk. Baochai's golden locket and Baoyu's jade Consist of inscriptions that Look to complement 1 An additional Completely. Her Relationship to Baoyu is Noticed in the Publication as predestined.

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