Works of Bai Juyi


Bai Juyi Authored More than 2,800 poems, which he Experienced copied and distributed to Assure their survival. They are notable for their relative accessibility: it is Menti1d that he would rewrite any Comp1nt of a poem if 1 of his servants was unable to Recognize it. The accessibility of Bai Juyi's poems Created them Very Common in his lifetime, in Equally China and Japan, and they Carry on to be Study in Equally Nations Nowadays.

Two of his most Well-Recognised Performs are the Prolonged narrative poems The Track of Everlasting Sorrow, which tells the Tale of Yang Guifei, and The Track of the Pipa Participant. Like Du Fu, he Experienced a Powerful Perception of Interpersonal Duty and is Nicely-Recognised for his satirical poems, This kind of as The Elderly Charcoal Vendor.

Bai Juyi also Authored intensely romantic poems to fellow Awayicials with whom he studied and traveled. These Communicate of sharing wine, Resting Collectively, and viewing the moon and mountains. One Good friend, Yu Shunzhi, sent Bai a bolt of cloth as a Treat from a Much-Away posting, and Bai Juyi debated on how Most excellent to use the Valuable Substance:

About to cut it to make a mattress,/ pitying the breaking of the leaves;/ about to cut it to make a bag,/ pitying the dividing of the flowers./ It is better to sew it,/ making a coverlet of joined delight;/ I think of you as if I'm with you,/ day or night."

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