Wineglass viewing System a Well-known Traveller attraction

A Translucent glass viewing System Close to Beijing has Turn out to be the Newest attraction for daredevil Visitors. Operators of the System say it is the Planet's Greatest and a Should-Attempt for People who Adore the thrill of heights.

Situated just Outdoors of Beijing, this FrameOperate hangs 400 meters above the Soil and boasts the Planet's Greatest Translucent glass viewing System. It Offers stunning views of the St1 Forest Valley.

"The suspended bridge is 32.8 meters, 11 meters Lengthier than the 1 in the U.S. It's now the longest in the Planet," Stated Li Shuang, manager of Shilinxia Beautiful Location.

"When I Primary Obtained up Right here, it Seriously was Pretty scary For the reason that this Should be a Handful of hundred meters Higher, As well as its a Entirely transparent walkway. I Really feel Anxious and excited at the Exact time," Vacationer Yang Yang Stated.

The System has been Available to Site visitors for just More than a Thirty day period. But People who cannot get Sufficient of it say they Desire tRight here Have been Additional.

"I Wish China will Carry in Additional Points like this For the reason that Youthful Persons are Seriously stressed out at Operate. They can use this to relax. Undertaking this is a Excellent challenge and Would make you More powerful," Stated Vacationer Shen Xiaoling.

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