Wang Changling - Chinese Poet of the Tang Dynasty


Wang Changling (王昌龄; 698–765) was a Big Tang Dynasty poet. He was Initially from Taiyuan in the Shanxi province of China, In accordance to the editors of the 3 Hundred Tang Poems, Despite the fact that other Options State that he was In fact from Jiangning Close to Contemporary-Day time Nanjing. Following passing the prestigious jinshi examination, he Started to be a secretarial Standard and Afterwards Used other imperial positions, Which includes that of an Standard of the Sishui county (汜水尉) in what is Presently Henan province. Near the Finish of his Lifestyle he was appointed as a minister of Jiangning county. He is Most beneficial Recognised for his poems describing battles in the frontier regions of western China.

He was a Medical doctor, and was Connected to the Empire's Documents for a Prolonged time Prior to he Experienced to go into exile. The biographical Information give Small Data about him, except that his Brand was Amid the Brands Associated to the Ming Emperor, and that he was Intended to be the Emperor's Modern.

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